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Who are we?

  • The market was founded in 1981 by a small group of Christmas market enthusiasts
  • 2013 was the 30th anniversary of the market
  • Since the very beginning all proceeds has been given to charity projects which help deprived children and teenagers  in difficulties
  • We are very proud of being a charitable organisation
  • Every year we review again about the distribution of the donations according to actual needs and criteria such as transparency, the willingness to communicate and a report about the usage of the donation
  • All people involved are volunteers and have no commercial interest whatsoever
  • Since 2011 the marché is a registered French association of Pibrac
  • The town hall of Pibrac is supporting us with market logistics and an alternative room in case of bad weather

Where to find us?

You will find us at the Esplanade in the center of Pibrac between the basilika and the Ste. Germaine church-

In case od bad weather (e.g. raining cats & dogs) we will go to the alternate location in the salle ployvalente, Blvd des Ecoles, avout 400m away between the commercial center and the gymnase.

Esplanade Pibrac